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energy savings project
Energy Savings Project.

A $3.5 million dollar energy and utility cost reduction project was completed at the Complex in October 2010 with the installation of a large solar photovoltaic electrical system on the roof of the Expo Hall. Highlights of this project include:
  • The cost of this project will be paid from the reduced utility usage and the contractor, via a secured bond, guarantees those savings.
  • 1800 light fixtures have been replaced and/or upgraded.
  • Toilet and urinal flush valves have been replaced.
  • Aerators have been installed on all sink faucets.
  • Inefficient electrical motors have been replaced and a VFD has been installed on the chiller.
  • Inefficient electric heaters have been replaced with gas heaters.
  • A small solar hot water system has been installed to supplement the domestic hot water supply.
  • Heating system mechanical components have been upgraded.
  • A 120-Kilowatt solar photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the expo hall in October 2010. Since its installation it has produced enough electricity to power 12 homes.
Although not part of this project, the small wind turbine that was installed at the Complex in 2007 continues to cleanly generate electricity for the Complex.